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  1. Free Kindle eBooks

    Get the lastest free Kindle ebooks. Science fiction, romance, fantasy and more.

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  2. San Jose's Backlash was San Jose's darkest night club

    One of San Jose's most popular nights managed to electrify life into the very walls of Hell by re-animating the Goth scene in the south bay area.

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  3. Turning 21: An American coming of age story.

    Turning twenty-one, every American teen's dream: to be able to buy alcohol legally! Mr. Manner is a member of the United States Air Force stationed in Spain when he reaches the age of 21.

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  4. Why do cats and birds like to ride Roombas!?

    Videos of cats and animals riding Roomba number in the dozens. What's up with the feline obsession for relaxing on an automated vacuum

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  5. Calculate your birth number and reveal hidden secrets about yourself

    Numerology systems assign numerical values to the western alphabet to help us recognize intriguing patterns, revealing fascinating insights about ourselves.

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  6. Cool gadgets and computer accessories

    Get the best gadgets to liven up your desk and home. These useful devices and and accessories are creative and unique.

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