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  1. Rapture in Las Vegas: Celebrate the end of the year with a bang.

    Curtis flies to Las Vegas to celebrate New Year's Eve with his friends. Except, something goes horribly wrong.

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  2. Best selling Kindle ebooks

    The most popular Kindle ebooks based on sales. Updated hourly.

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  3. Free Kindle eBooks

    Get the lastest free Kindle ebooks. Science fiction, romance, fantasy and more.

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  4. Remedies for removing spilled ink stains from clothes

    Want to remove ink stains from your jeans, cloths, rug, wood, etc? Click here for remedies.

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  5. San Jose's Backlash was San Jose's darkest night club

    One of San Jose's most popular nights managed to electrify life into the very walls of Hell by re-animating the Goth scene in the south bay area.

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  6. Why do cats and birds like to ride Roombas!?

    Videos of cats and animals riding Roomba number in the dozens. What's up with the feline obsession for relaxing on an automated vacuum

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