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  1. The Hunger Games young adult dystopian movies and novels

    Penned by Suzanne Collins, the epic trials of Katniss are chronicaled in the New York Times best selling series the Hungar Games.

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  2. Remedies for removing spilled ink stains from clothes

    Want to remove ink stains from your jeans, cloths, rug, wood, etc? Click here for remedies.

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  3. Ten Tips for Buying a Home

    Buying a house can be a chore. Where do you start? What should one know about mortgages, taxes, and fees.

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  4. Calculate your birth number and reveal hidden secrets about yourself

    Numerology systems assign numerical values to the western alphabet to help us recognize intriguing patterns, revealing fascinating insights about ourselves.

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  5. Discover the many fun and useful (re)uses of cardboard

    DIY clever arts and crafts made out of cardboard featuring 100s of things to make including table, boats, armor and more.

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  6. Why do cats and birds like to ride Roombas!?

    Videos of cats and animals riding Roomba number in the dozens. What's up with the feline obsession for relaxing on an automated vacuum

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