Top 3 Tips for Taking Better Photos with Your Phone

Over the years, the continuous evolution of smartphones has eliminated the use of a number of valuable electronic devices and technologies. From MP3 and video players to radio, television, and camera, all have been affected and made outdated by smartphones. Moreover, the camera, in particular, has found itself to be a permanent and one of the essential features of the modern smartphones. So today, with a smartphone, you can easily become a photographer and take better pictures. There also are a variety of smartphone photography tips and techniques to keep in mind if you really want to improve your smartphone photography. To discuss a few of these photography tips and techniques, in this post, we have compiled an interesting list of 3 Fantastic Tips for Improving Smartphone Photography.

  1. Choose a Decent Camera App: Smartphone photography is considerably improved when you start using a decent camera app. Although most smartphones have powerful cameras but the cameras alone can’t produce high-quality images unless paired up with a great camera app. Luckily, for many iPhone and Android users, there are a number of such apps available on their respective stores.
  2. Avoid the Flash: Using the flash only damages the quality of the image and deteriorates the overall picture. Most flashes of smartphones are like LED flashlights i.e. unreasonably bright, makes the subject of the picture look yellow, and even give them the demon eyes. Using the flash in the dark is probably the worst smartphone photography technique ever!  
  3. Keep the Lens Clean: It is common knowledge that our pockets are never clean since they consist of lots and lots of grime. And the grime gets stuck on our smartphone camera lens. So the result of pictures taken with such a camera lens would never be great and the filters wouldn’t help either. Therefore, in order to improve your smartphone photography and to take better pictures with your smartphone, never forget to keep your smartphone camera lens clean.

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  • The word "photograph" was coined in 1839 by Sir John Herschel and is derived from Greek meaning "drawing with light". - Wikipedia
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