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When exploring the Internet, you may have run across any number of Webcams in your travels. Often people display scenes of beaches or popular intersections in major cities. A webcam is a camera that feeds its video images either as still images or in real time to a web page, often via USB, ethernet, or Wi-Fi. Considered setting up a Webcam yourself.

You might want to create a funny Webcam page by pointing it at your fish tank or following your Roomba vacuum cleaner as it cleans your floors.

You can use webcams to keep your home secure.

Spy on your dog, check in on your children, view your home while on vacation, or make sure the babysitter isn't inviting her friends over.

Don't look ugly on your webcam

  1. Be aware of your lighting. Light your face from the front. Keep shadows off your face.
  2. Make sure you have an interesting or neutral background. Don't let your people see your mess
  3. Find a quiet place away from loud noises
  4. Position yourself in the center of the image. A couple of eyes peeping out from the bottom of the screen can be creepy.

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